Posted by: inyourheadman | November 23, 2007

Get Creative! Can Do! ROCK ONNNNNN!!!

“whatthe<bleep>motherofall<bleep>stinkin<bleep> was that”?

The first reaction to the undoubtedly expensive propaganda video from our beloved Massive Display of Authority. The first few seconds were deceiving with the black and white turntable. Then the horror starts. Weird old people in different sizes start jumping around. The music is bad and stuck on a loop, the lyrics don’t rhyme and is senseless. Oh, and my eyes! What can be more horrible than seeing aunties and uncles in mid-life crises wearing their suits and trying to act hip with “slick” hand movements? It’s worse than accidentally catching your parents doing the nasty when you’re at puberty. Maybe they can use this as a new torture tool, crank up the volume, darken and fill the whole room with the video and let it rip for a few hours. I know I’ll confess to ANYTHING after 10 minutes.

To add insult to injury, it’s part of my tax contribution that goes into casting this sorry lot of retards for a fubar video. After all, we’re talking about the upper echelons of management here who are obscenely overpaid. They’re not professionals who, if casted, would undoubtedly be paid peanuts, in the spirit of “local talent promotion”. Hmm, then thinking about it again, they probably couldn’t get anyone to do it for peanuts, so if they’re going to pay all this money, let’s get management to do it! Yeah man! 1 point for money, 0 to creativity.

I wonder what was going on in the head of the person who came up with this idea. “Yeah I have to think out of the box. I know! I’ll get old fogeys to do a rap video and promote creativity!” Sorry mate, bad choice. Very bad choice. It just plainly shows the extreme lack of creativity in the agency authority that supposedly gathers and promotes local creativity. From my experience, all the really talented people with quality don’t sit in posh offices with their fat asses resting on 1000-dollar armchairs. Some things just painfully and obviously don’t go together. Try eating your ice-cream with stewed onions if you don’t know what I mean. Here’s a piece of advice, “LEAVE IT TO THE PROS”. Other countries must be laughing their ass off at this lame attempt to promote the country’s creativity.

I’m sure many people within the creative circle would be horrified, disgusted and appalled by this. Maybe the more tolerant ones would find it slightly amusing and view it as a joke. Joke or no joke, I’m staying away from them. For all I know, the next person I meet there might suddenly slap on some bling and start rapping contract terms to me. After all, we’re creative, you know! Can do! Rock on!


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