Posted by: flyingman | August 24, 2007

NTUC Income: Who cares? I’m the cheapest in town

NTUC Income

A customer discovered in horror that he was able to browse others’ insurance policies on the Policy Online Enquiry system, using his own id. He reported the problem to the company a few times, but only to be warned not to look at others’ policies. To make matters worse, no immediate action was taken about the security breach.

NTUC Income does not exactly have a good reputation amongst insurers in Singapore. It is perhaps the only insurance company that requires a review panel for medical claims, the same way car claims are made. The usual justification given is that the company does this to ensure that it is able to offer the lowest rates to consumers in the long run. You could almost imagine how difficult it would be, to wait for the panel’s decision when a loved one needs to undergo a critical but expensive surgery.

The company makes no apologies about this ‘pro-business’ stance. Perhaps its ex-CEO had deeply imprinted his personal philosophy and attitude on the way business is being conducted.

Tan Kin Lian

The truth is, cost is not always the most important thing in business and services. Not only such security breaches betray sloppiness and a lack of professionalism, the poor attitude exhibited confirms that the company does not care to put its customers’ interests first.

To echo the advice given by a non-NTUC Income insurance agent: If you value one’s privacy and dignity, you might do better to pay more and take the business somewhere else.


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